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                                                  SOCIAL NETWORKING



With citizens turning to netizens the building of social contacts and socialising has also turned online.


An online platform which focuses on facilitating building of social networking or social relations amongst people is generally known "SOCIAL NETWORKING SERVICE". They provide online community services that allow users to share their ideas, activities events & interest with others.

Eg: E-mails, inst messaging etc. Social Networking sites like "FACEBOOK, TWITTER" are some of the popular Social Networking Media


The web based Social Networking Media makes it possible to connect people across the globe. They ensure communication with a broad reach and help in digitalizing the world.

Since social networking media also poses challenges, we at Sushanth IT Law Associates provide related services in making the media a more comfortable platform for usage by:


  • Providing tips for a safe and reasonably secure social networking


  • Privacy related issues in social networking


  • Infingement of Copyright and other IP rights in social networking


  • Blogging & related legal issues


  • Social media offences & their redressel


  • Liability of intermediaries in social networking media


  • Cyber Ethics & Online behaviour



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