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                                                            DOMAIN NAMES



Domain names are a form of Intellectual Property which is regarded as an intangible asset and is used to instruct the computer to obtain the Internet Protocol (IP) number of a website. It involves issues pertaining to-ownership, control and usufruct


Domain names can be categorised into


  • TLD - Top level Domain

  • SLD - Second level Domain


ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers generally gives or allots Domain Name on first come first serve basis.


We at Sushanth IT Law Associates provide the following services regarding Domain Names:


  • Drafting of Domain Name Agreements like

        a) Domain Name

        b) Sale Agreements

        c) Domain Name Licence Agreements

  • Domain Name Disputes & Cyber Squatting

  • Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy like Rules regarding registration of Domain Names



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