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                               INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR)



In the Information Technology era, Intellectual Property is an important asset for any business. 


Protection of Intellectual Property Rights is vital and requires great attention and dedicated strategies for its protection.


We at Sushanth IT Law Associates provide advisory remedies to various aspects arising through Intellectual Property (IP)


  • Drafting of IP contracts


  • Copyright contracts & notices


  • Trademark assignment & contracts


  • Patent assignment & contracts


  • Protection of IP Rights


  • Ownership Related issues & Rights


  • Infringement & Remedies


  • Offences, penalties and procedures


  • Computer database & Computer software protection


  • Copyright in E-World-Protection & issues


  • Trademark & passing off, dilution, protection


  • Patent ability, protection


  • Computer software & Patents


  • Ownership related issues & Rights



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