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                                                   BPO's, OUTSOURCING & LAW



In today's world of Information Technology, data is a key asset for an organisation or business, or company, individuals. Data in an online world is a kingpin and needs great amount of protection & security.


The process of contracting out a business process, which may have previously been performed internally or which the organisation considers important or necessary to an independent organisation, where such process is purchased as a service is"OUTSOURCING".

With the "OUTSOURCING" industry extending its reach globally , there are a lot of aspects which need consideration. Some of such processes include:



  • BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

  • Research & Financial Outsourcing

  • Document Process Outsourcing

  • Content Development Services

  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing - KPO

  • Contract Research Outsourcing in Pharmaceuticals

  • Information Technology Services

  • Revenue cycle Management in Health Care



The various issues pertaining to the above processes are handled by our organisation in a comprehensive way which include:


  • Drafting of outsourcing agreements


  • Cyber Law and Outsourcing sector


  • Cross border related issuses


  • Taxation related issues - foreign companies outsourcing to India


  • Data Protection guidelines


  • Compliance obligation for Outsourcing Industry


  • Data Protection Regime under section 43A, 72 of the ITA 2008.


  • Employment & Employee related legal issues


  • Data Protection pertaing to Information


  • IPR in Outsourcing Industry


  • IT & BPO Policies


  • Contractual issues in Outsourcing contracts


  • Remedies for breach of contract



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